Who’s obsessed and why?

Why are you so obsessed?

The concept for The Art Obsessed was born of my desire to make art and design more accessible and far less intimidating than it seems to be. I am constantly looking to learn and see more, and part of the fun of that is sharing what I find with others. 

I enjoy bringing my adoring fans information, coupled with levity and humor, about the art and other “stuff” that I love. I might also throw some of my own opinions in there too…in fact, that’s pretty much guaranteed. I might not know what I want for lunch, but I almost certainly have an opinion about everything else.

I hope you enjoy the beauty, art, laughs, and information I am able to bring into your world.

Who are you?

Ann W. Masciarotte, aesthete and the art obsessed. I am completely obsessed with art, and other beautiful and interesting things. I’m constantly on the hunt for treasures of the artistic variety, and for bargains of any variety.

I am the President and Chief Curator of The Whitney George Collection. I founded The Collection in 2017 to bring beautiful and affordable fine art to everyone. I also hope The Collection will demystify fine art for those who want to bring it into their homes and start their own personal collections.

My love of art and beautiful furniture and design is rooted in the time I’ve spent with my father and uncle throughout my life. My uncle, Peter A. Masciarotte, was an artist and art instructor for many years in Boston, Massachusetts. He was also very stylish and epically cool. He knew what was up, and I took notes! My father, Mark T. Masciarotte, introduced me to the world of yachting, where I was exposed to some of the world’s finest art, interiors, design and craftsmanship. I continue to tag along on certain of his yachting adventures, so my knowledge and taste (and wish list) are constantly evolving and growing. 

Since I’m one lottery ticket or many working years away from my own yacht filled with Picassos and Basquiats, I will continue to hunt for the best and most beautiful of what I (and many other people) can afford, and bring some true treasures to loving homes.